The company, from top to bottom, is focused on serving the needs of their customer

Over the course of the past 25 years, I’ve had the distinct privilege of working with Corbin Consulting Engineers on a large and wide range of projects, with varying degrees of complexity, cost, and schedule. My relationship with Corbin began during my career at a large semiconductor company in Oregon, where we installed a large number of sort and e-test systems, scanning electron microscope (SEM) and transmission electron microscope (TEM) systems, and other ion beam-based systems. At times this included creating the labs which would house these very sensitive systems, requiring complex mechanical, electrical, seismic, and acoustic design. Later, as a project management consultant with Lam Research, I continue to have, by choice, the opportunity to work with Corbin on the creation of a large number of engineering labs, a new high-density SEM Lab, cleanroom process tool installs, scrubbed exhaust, and makeup air systems, as well as the fit-up of a new chemical management support building. As awesome as these accomplishments are, they don’t adequately describe the intrinsic value that Corbin brings to my team. The company, from top to bottom, is focused on serving the needs of their customer. They’re honest with regards to their capabilities, they don’t over-commit and underperform, and are truly integrated into the project delivery process. They have a very well-defined vision for their company, and manage their growth accordingly, which means that their team is stable. It’s for these values, and more, that makes it an easy choice when I need a design firm to support my project load.

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